Do you want to write for Reciprocity?

OK, so you want to write for Reciprocity. Great decision! We don’t make anyone jump through hoops but we do have some guidelines which we ask everyone to follow. From time to time the guidelines may change so check back every now and again but most of them are common sense. If you are happy with everything below then the only thing left to do is contact us. We don’t pay contributors as we don’t ask for any paid subscription but we always credit to author and can add contact details if you wish.

Email your literary masterpiece to and we will have a read though before we publish. We reserve the right to change your piece or not publish if we think its not right for us but will always let you know if it makes it in. If you don’t hear back from us then you haven’t made the cut on this occasion but please do try again as we are always keen to voice new opinions. You can always make your point know on the recent posts sections on the main page.

We look forward to hearing from you.


1. Please do not swear excessively in your writing its not big or clever. Don’t gag yourself but be respectful.

2. You can write about anything you want but it has to be relevant to photographers or creative thinkers and be well informed.

3. Please try to be objective especially when it comes to equipment or services. We are not looking to love everyone but be fair this is not a rant site!

4. Be original in your approach as we get lots of features and we want new ideas and thoughts.

5. Do not plagiarise other peoples work. Give credits to others if you refer to them and respect the copyright of other individuals.

6. Ensure that you have the electronic print rights to any images that you supply.

7. Supplying images with your feature is always a good thing. We are a visual site and we like pictures.

8. We will edit all of the features sent in before publication. Anything to be used will be sent back for your approval prior to publishing. If we do not hear from you within seven days we reserve the right to publish and be damned!

9. We reserve the right to publish and re-publish anything that appears on the site without further editing on other sites and publications without further permission being sort from the author.

10. Features can be as little as 500 words and as many as 2000. Any more than that is a chapter so write a book!

11. Please do not write advertorials. We want reviews not adverts. If you love somebody, let them know, as the song goes but don’t smoother them.

12. The author will be credited when ever a feature is published so please be clear with your name and any contact details.


Good luck and remember that a picture tells a thousand words but it helps if you have the thousand words with the picture if you want to get it published.

Please send your feature or idea for a feature to: and put the word Reciprocity in the subject box.

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