For many years now I have dreamt of place where photographers can come to talk and discuss the issues that really matter to them. The Photographic societies BIPP, MPA, AOP SWPP and RPS do a great job in promoting our business and furthering the cause but sometimes fall short when it comes to daily communications. We are working in a vibrant industry that is changing faster than Lewis Hamilton’s last lap at Silverstone and yet there is a distinct lack of truly incisive information about our industry. The growth of the You Tube generation has brought with it a huge wave of arm chair experts. But how many of them have actually walked the walk?

Welcome to RECIPROCITY. We are a forum for Photographers around the world to talk to each other and share experiences of the real world of Photography as it is today. You may not agree with everything that is written here and you may even be outraged by it. But it is the testimony of people who are actually doing it. We include every one from Fashion to Weddings to Advertising to Food Still Life. If you have something to say then feel free to add you voice to the group.

Each month we will try to bring you a number of different perspectives on our industry including technical features on how to do it as well as interviews and equipment reviews. We are not connected to any  manufacturer or organisation so our opinions are exactly that…they are opinions. Untainted by advertisers we aim to bring you the raw truth about how our world is changing. Be prepared for controversy and feel free to make your views known..especially if you don’t agree. We all know that reciprocity failure is the bane of many a great photographic image. Make sure that our image is maintained at the highest level.